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About Other Munday Press

What began back in 1985 has expanded to well over 100 articles and columns for professional periodicals from author O.A. Masciarotte. After discussing the relatively new concept of a “music server” for the playback of high fidelity, lossless music files, Masciarotte realized that a huge gap exists between the desire to move into computer–based music, and the information needed to grapple with the hardware and software. Our first publication To Serve & Groove was conceived, and Other Munday was born…

About The Author


A graduate of the Lowell Institute of MIT, Oliver A. Masciarotte has spent over 30 years immersed in the tech space, working on facilitation, optimization, marketing, and product development for a broad range of manufacturers and governmental organizations in Africa, the Pacific Rim and United States, and media production houses in North America, Europe and Asia. Over the years, his clients have included Apple, Harper Collins, Hit Factory, Universal, NASA Johnson, NPR, Panasonic Disc Manufacturing, Pioneer Electronics, the San Francisco Symphony and WHYY. Early in his career, he worked for dbx, Lexicon, and a/d/s on several home hi–fi product lines.

Over the years, his writings have appeared in sundry trade publications, including columns for dB and Mix magazines and articles for RE/P, Electronic Musician, Studio Systems, Surround Professional and NewMedia magazines. He has served as an invited presenter numerous trade conferences and shows including the Association For Independent Music, Fibre Channel Technologies, Storage Area Networks, Audio Engineering Society Toronto New Formats Summit, Tape Op, Montreal Association of Professionals in Audio, O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference and the Pot Luck Conference. These days, OMas writes his own blog, for Hifi Zine, the venerable audioXpress magazine, and occasionally for the deeply troubled Technorati/Blogcritics.

Masciarotte is an active member of the AES, SMPTE and DCS, and is on the board of the Pleasurize Music Foundation, a non–profit dedicated to halting the Loudness War that currently is ravaging popular music.

An in–depth CV is available on Seneschal’s About page.