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The Latest From Other Munday

05-20-16 - A Guest Editorial for audioXpress, Listening Impressions on MQA, discussed some of my initial thoughts on this technology.

05-09-16 - A feature article for audioXpress, Making Experiential Observations Count, discussed how the audiophile cable manufacturer Wireworld makes some of their design decisions.

04-15-16 - My colleague Steve Stone and I hosted a fun and interesting Q&A at AXPONA 2016 in Chicago.

03-16-16 - Head on over to Hifi Zine for the 1st quarter’s review of Tisbury Audio’s tiny yet versatile Mini Passive II “preamp”…

01-19-16 - My coverage of RMAF 2015 appeared in audioXpress magazine.

09-16-15 - Head on over to Hifi Zine for the 3rd quarter’s review of Gauder Akustik’s excellent ARCONA 40 stand mounted, sealed two–way…

06-16-15 - Head on over to Hifi Zine for the 2nd quarter’s survey of four value–priced earphones, the Ultimate Ears UE900s, RHA T10i, thinksound ms01 and Etymotic mk5 Isolator…

05-28-15 - A Guest Editorial for audioXpress, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Pono…, discussed PonoMusic’s then new feature called PonoRevealer.

03-28-15 - Another lively discussion with audioXpress on the subject of Perceived Meaningful Resolution…Just what is “resolution” as it pertains to audio?

03-27-15 - audioXpress coverage of RMAF 2014, lot’s of nice gear to lust after…

03-16-15 Head on over to Hifi Zine for the 1st quarter’s coverage of LH Lab’s interim USB DAC, the Geek Out 1000. It has since been replaced by their Geek Out V2, but the new version derives much of it’s goodness from its parent…

02-11-15 - I started a lively discussion with audioXpress on the Audibility of HRA…What do you think?

01-12-15 - Work has begun on the 2nd Edition of To Serve & Groove. Since the first edition came out, the fundamentals have not changed but new gear, new distributors, and even a new higher fi streaming service has appeared in the marketplace.…Time for a TS&G overhaul!

12-16-14 Head on over to Hifi Zine for this quarter’s coverage of Audioengine’s lovely little B2 powered stereo speaker. It is an incredible bargain, with such exceptional sound…

10-28-14 January’s audioXpress will include my report on the best audiophile show of the season, RMAF. This year was no exception, with lots of standout gear to enjoy…

10-06-14 - Head on over to Hifi Zine for this quarter’s installment; California Audio Show 2014, a discussion of one of the many regional shows around the world. This one is of particular interest as many audiophile manufacturers are based in the far western United States…

Next quarter; a look at Audioengine’s stellar B2 wireless speaker…

09-08-14 - An article for December’s audioXpress magazine headed off to my editor. It’s a review of the outstanding Apollo Twin DUO A/D/A. In a bold move, the Apollo Twin family, SOLO and DUO, are Thunderbolt–only. This means you need a modern Mac or a very sophisticated Windows host…

06-11-14 - Head on over to Hifi Zine for this quarter’s installment; Air Apparent, a discussion of the ENIGMAcoustic Sopranino supertweeter…

Next quarter; coverage of 2014’s regional California Audio Show…

03-24-14 - Head on over to Hifi Zine for this quarter’s installment; Bit Are Bits…or are they? Man, what a hailstorm I walked into on that piece!

Next quarter; a discussion of the ENIGMAcoustic Sopranino supertweeter…I’ve also added a few new DACs to my Mid-Priced DAC Survey, take a look

12-14-13 - Head on over to Hifi Zine for this quarter’s installment; Micromega MyDAC — Quelle Joyeaux. The MyDAC is an amazing performer…

Next quarter; a discussion of USB cables, and how they sound?!…I had Steve, one of my pro audio engineering buds, over to the house this weekend to listen to different USB cables and, as a result, I’ve “scarred him for life,” turning his world upside down. News at 11…

In your spare moments, head over to my Mid-Priced DAC Survey, which now has over 100 entries!

11-25-13 - Head on over to Hifi Zine for this quarter’s installment; Magnepan Incorporated—A Tiny Giant. At the Bitstream, I recently finished up my three part coverage of last month’s RMAF Show, the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver…

In other news, I have a couple of DACs in for review, stay tuned to Hifi Zine for more on those. Speaking of DACs, my Mid-Priced DAC Survey is now up to 100 entries so, check it out!

09-04-13 - Seems I’m the bane of spouses everywhere! ;-)
Raymond from The Netherlands writes:

“Dear Oliver,

I can’t tell you how happy I am with your book ‘To Serve & Groove: A Comprehensive Compendium of Numerically Disposed Mellifluous Servitude’. It has really helped me to understand the fundamentals as well as the practicalities of setting up a sound music server. I came a long way by googling around, but I found so many ‘little opinions’ that it was hard to make rational choices. I’ve done so now. (My wife hates you for having me spend an additional €850,- on additional memory and an external Thunderbolt disk!). For an interested – and intelligent – amateur the world of digital audio is not trivial for sure…”

Dank u voor uw vriendelijke woorden, Raymond!

07-09-13 — The 13th issue of Hihi Zine is out, and I’ve got a little piece in there about digital plug–ins for audiophile players

04-15-13 — At work, we’ve spent month prep’ing for the recent NAB or National Association of Broadcasters show. While there, I was given the opportunity to participate in a live net “radio” interview…Check it out at Digital Production Buzz.

03-16-13 — The 12th issue of Hihi Zine is out, and I’ve got a little piece in there about shopping for a DAC…Check the Bitstream for more info.

03-10-13 — Since TS&G is available for a wide range of electronic readers, I wanted to echo some recent European research from ScienceDaily that flies in the face of urban legend: “Reading text on digital devices like tablet computers requires less effort from older adults than reading on paper, according to research published February 6 in the open access journal PLOS ONE…when asked, both young and old adults stated a strong preference for paper books, but when they compared eye movements and brain activity measures, older adults fared better with backlit digital readers like tablet computers.” …fascinating, Captain.

02-18-13 — Axl, a self–styled “…middle-aged suburban male living in the Twin Cities,” has a fine sense of The Groove. So, who else to review TS&G?! His thoughts include “You can scan the book quickly to get the basic idea and then you can dive deeper into the instructional chapters that give you step-by-step instructions. There is plenty of background material if you want a deeper understanding…The book is easy to follow, has good illustrations, and Omas (sic) slips in humor at the right times.” As I already said, “Way graçias, dudeman!”

02-02-13 — It’s TS&G Live! Paul Blizel’s Analog Audio of Minnesota hosted a seminar today, where I gave a talk to about two dozen hearty souls. We spent about 3 hours, discussing “computer audio,” digital audio in general, and some pros and cons of analog and digital. Then, we decamped to Paul’s place and listened to some files on his Vitus/Audio aero/Vivid rig…nice! My Audio Society of Minnesota bud Axl wrote up the festivities for his CatchGroove blog…Graçias, dudeman!

12-22-12 — Audio engineer and hi-fi editor reviewed TS&G in the Winter 2013 edition of Fidelity magazine. Kurt was kind enough to provide a translation from the Danish…“‘To Serve & Two Groove’ is another book on the same (Computer Audio) subject. However, (this book is) slightly more extensive and the entire 200 pages. Also it is easy to read and covers the basics of computer audio, but preferably from a Mac user’s perspective. The author Oliver A. Masciarotte is, despite the Italian sounding name American, and this book is therefore also on (an understandable) English. The style is with good humor and is very thorough and he comes far around on the subject. Masciarotte has before worked as a sound engineer and taught music, and is a professional geek who really goes up in computer audio with heart and soul. In other words, he knows what he writes about, yet his words and sentences are straightforward, and even for a hardcore long-term use for many years, there are several gems to be had. RAID, NAS, SAN, Nyquist, and DRAM are just a few of the words that explained so that everyone can understand it.”

“(The book) Can be purchased at where there are links to Amazon and iTunes. The price is only about kr 223.84 for download, and less than 100, - for the paper version. Perhaps an ideal Christmas present for yourself?”

11-28-12 — Marc Philip était occupé pendant la saison des vacances…“Cette parenthèse étant fermée, ce que vous devez savoir se trouve maintenant contenu dans les pages de son livre. Tout, absolument tout y est décrit avec simplicité et précision. Cela va de ce qu’est un serveur de musique aux moyens d’y parvenir.” TS&G est un Achat Recommandé!

Marc Philip was busy over the holiday…“(All) you now need to know is contained in the pages of his book. Everything, absolutely everything is described with ease and precision. This is what a music server to the means to achieve it.” TS&G is a Recommended Buy!

11-25-12 — Buone vacanze a tutti! Lucio Cadeddu, di TNT Italia, è quello che potrebbe essere una scelta interessante di un regalo per il geek nella vostra famiglia…audio del computer!“Vi confesso che mi sono molto divertito a leggere questo manuale…un inglese scorrevole, divertente, mai accademico o noioso, sempre mirato a far capire i concetti più complicati anche all'uomo della strada. Non riesco a immaginare qualcuno al quale questo stile possa non piacere! L'autore riesce nel difficile compito di spiegare concetti ostici in un linguaggio assolutamente elementare!”

Happy holiday, everyone! Lucio Cadeddu, of TNT Italy, has what may be an interesting gift idea for you…“I can't imagine someone who will find it boring!!! Yes, the author succeeds in making all those technical aspects fun to read and easy to understand, even for the non-technically skilled readers!” My take: Lucio rocks!

10-20-12 — Παρά το γεγονός ότι τις ανησυχίες σχετικά με την επιλογή μου πλατφόρμα ήχου του υπολογιστή, Δημήτριος Σταματάκος αρέσει TS&G…“Στα καλά νέα, τώρα, το βιβλίο περιγράφει πολύ αναλυτικά τον τρόπο με τον οποίο θα πρέπει να στηθεί ένας υπολογιστής που τρέχει λειτουργικό της Apple ώστε να είναι προσανατολισμένος στην ηχητική ποιότητα (με λίστα για τις λειτουργίες που θα πρέπει να απενεργοποιηθούν ή να ρυθμιστούν διαφορετικά) και κάνει μια εκτεταμένη παρουσίαση/ανάλυση του διαθέσιμου λογισμικού (γίνεται αναφορά σε τουλάχιστον 15 players…) ενώ περιγράφονται και οι διάφορες δυνατότητες οι οποίες έχουν σημασία για την audiophile αναπαραγωγή…Αρκετά ενδιαφέρουσες πληροφορίες δίνονται επίσης γύρω από τα θέματα του transcoding και του sample rate conversion ώστε ο χρήστης να μπορεί να εκτιμήσει την σημασία τους και την επίπτωσή τους στην τελική ποιότητα.”

Despite having misgivings about my choice of computer audiophile platform, DS has some good things to say about TS&G…“the book describes in great detail how one should set up a computer running Apple's operating to be oriented for sound quality and makes an extensive analysis of available software (refer to at least 15 players…) and also described the various features that are important for the audiophile reproduction…Quite interesting also that he gives information about the topics of transcoding and sample rate conversion so the user can appreciate their importance and impact on final quality.”

09-26-12 — I shared an airport shuttle with high fi veteran Richard Schram, founder of Parasound. Over the years, he’s supplied me with gear for trade shows but, we’d never met in person.

While riding to the RMAF, we were talking (gear of course) and I mentioned TS&G. He said, “That sounds interesting!” so I sent him a copy after the show…He also gave TS&G a thumbs up, “Your book is splendid! It has the right tone and makes concepts very clear.” Thanks Richard, much appreciated!

09-18-12 — Nederlandse audio journalist en computer audio liefhebber Hans Beekhuyzen geeft TS & G een gunstige beoordeling…“To Serve & Groove richt zich op eenieder die meer wil weten over het inrichten van een digitaal audiosysteem in het algemeen en een muziekserver in het bijzonder…Het boek is dan ook een aanrader voor iedereen die meer wil weten over digitale high-end audio.”

Dutch audio journalist Hans Beekhuyzen give TS&G a hearty thumbs up…“To Serve & Groove is aimed at those that want to learn more about setting up a digital audio system in general and a music server in particular…The book is highly recommended to anyone that wants to know more about serious digital high-end.”

In a note to me, he said, “I have read the book and love it. You are well informed on both the recording and high-end side and therefore have a balanced view on things.” Thanks Hans, I do try. Unlike some purportedly objective audiophile writers who conceal a bias as big as the Ritz, I let it all hang out!

08-25-12 — The Kindle Edition of To Serve & Groove is out!
Kindle readers now have two options…purchase the Kindle Edition of TS&G at $6.99 or, go the DIY route. By using the FOSS Calibre app to quickly convert the EPUB version of TS&G into Amazon’s Kindle format, you save two whole dollars! Your call…

08-23-12 — Source Interlink’s Michael Lavorgna valiantly tries to reconcile his conflict of interest in this amusing Audiostream review of TS&G.

08-07-12 — Other Munday Press releases media advisory discussing first title…Read the PDF press release.

07-31-12 — On July 23rd, TS&G passed all the painfully stringent requirements needed to distribute it on Barnes & Noble and the iBookstore. Amazing!

Still more work to be done for Amazon…

07-01-12 — Review: John Reekie, contributing editor of and AudioCircle, says, “If you have any interest at all in playback…(from a computer), purchasing this book is a complete no-brainer…just get one.” Thanks John, we agree!

Your choice; $14.95 hardbound or $4.99 EPUB

06-23-12 – Blog EntryTS&G Hardbound Arrives…Pain and suffering for what? For pulp. By the way, a color interior would cost north of $50. Any interest?

05-27-12 — TS&G is out in the wild, and I’m toast! To purchase your own copy of TS&G, visit for the EPUB edition, suitable for your favorite eReader.

LuLu will also be carrying hard copy books, and a PDF version is done but I’m not sure how it’ll be distributed. After I recuperate, I’ll be adding complete information!